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If ...

  • you are not satisfied with your job situation and you consider a occupational reorientation and you want to assure at the same time, that your new job will satisfy you and will meet your skills and talents
  • your job-related progressing is standing still and you go under in your every day working life and you're searching for a new approach to your business
  • you run the risk to loose your job and you can't see through the power structures happening in the background
  • you cannot cope with the pressure to perform and you have the impression, that there is a claiming for more achievement than possible

I can support you by ...

  • helping you to discover your strengths, talents and skills and developing a confidence and security in making decisions
  • preparing for an interview for a job or an assessment centre in order to achieve a higher level of self-confidence and self-consciousness and in order to reduce fears
  • being there for you to discover the power structures of your company and learning to deal with it
  • leading you to a new awareness of your personal needs and ideas and learning how to communicate your personal needs and ideas to your surrounding field

Get in touch with me! I'm looking forward to being there for you!