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·        My aim is to accompany my customers on the journey to their personal and business success. Success is defined individually by every human being.

·        The main focus of my work is to recognize that every client is unique, whether it's an individual or a firm. This is why I do not offer ready-made seminars I rather adjust my response and actions to the wishes, needs and main focus of my individual customers. After the first non-binding, free of charge session, I will create a specific program for success. (See training for success)

·        Respect, appreciation, frankness, interest, empathy and a sense of enthusiasm are the vital characteristics of my work.

·        I apply methods from Systemic Coaching, based on a constructivist theory of awareness.

·        I help my customers to find their own paths. I do not advise my customers, because everybody knows by themselves, what is the best for them. I support my customers to find their own strengths, talents, visions and aims. I activate self-help.

·        I hold myself to a holistic approach, which includes striking a balance between body, soul and mind.

·        My work is free of ideological, religious or political values and attitudes. I offer appreciation, respect and tolerance towards the different attitudes of my customers which distinguishes my coaching and my seminars.